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Guatemala Routes - "Mexico" Mike Maps & Trip Planning
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Guatemala Routes

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There are three Mexican routes to Guatemala's two main crossings. This roadlog has all combinations. You will also need the roadlog to Yucatan no matter which border you cross at.

Since Guatemala-bound travelers seldom stop at Mexico attractions, few are listed. Hotels / RV parks in San Cristobal ARE. If you are a Mexico fan, get the Chiapas roadlogs for Chiapas attractions.

Maps cover routes:

1: Toll road near Coatzacoalcos

2: Acayucan to La Ventosa

3. Route to Tapachula / Tecun Uman

4. Route to Cd. Cuauhtemoc / La Mesilla.

For your prurient interests, an article on the Tehuantepec women is included.