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Matamoros to Yucatan - "Mexico" Mike Maps & Trip Planning
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Matamoros to Yucatan

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This Gulf Coast route is waaay more scenic than the Laredo route. BUT there's always about 70 miles of bad road and lots of topes (speed bumps with attitudes). Still this is the most direct route to Yucatan. 80 pages.

Some people are hesitant to drive this route to Yucatan because it goes through Tamaulipas state, which has problems.

Do I think it is dangerous? Maybe. If you are concerned, then by all means, take the Laredo-Yucatan route which is considered "safer" by all. If you'd rather take this scenic route, read on.

However, if you still want to take this route, just use caution. If you stick to the Gulf Coast, you should be okay. By no means venture inland towards Cd. Victoria or Cd. Mante. 

Mostly free road, plenty of RV parks, hotels, uncrowded archeological sites. It has its charms. Unspoiled beach in Veracruz state. Hot spring.

Connects with all other routes to Yucatan west of Veracruz. If you take scenic route from there to Catemaco, you'll see: Waterfalls. Magic. Witches. Shamans. Cigars.