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Moving to Mexico
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Moving to Mexico

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If you're considering moving to Mexico, consider talking to me. I can give you a perspective based on 40+ years of covering Mexico, living there and doing business there. I no longer live in Mexico because my wife's parrots could not be imported humanely. I can give you a pro and con opinions. 

The main value of talking to me will be to contrast and compare various destinations. I've been everywhere, lived around and keep in touch with those who live in Mexico. I might suggest some alternatives to you that you had not considered. There are other places to live than the gringo enclaves.

Don't hire me to give you the latest details about getting your visas or mundane things like that. You can get that info from many sources. What I can do for you is give you an overview of the country and help you look at some alternatives.

Planning a trip for you to explore your possibilities is included.