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You could be eating shrimp on a Mazatlán beach 3 nights from now! Route is all toll & includes one of the Wonders of the World - the Baluarte Bridge. It is higher than the Eiffel Tower and a magnificent engineering feat. Free-jumpers inaugurated it, so you don't have to. You can, however park at a lookout and get a great picture. 1st part of drive is good highway through scenic mountains.

Day 1: Arrive at mile-high Saltillo for best cabrito al pastor in Mexico. RV Park.

Day 2: 2nd part is high desert. "Nuff said. No RV parks after Saltillo, but I tell you about two safe places to camp.

Day 3: 3rd part is through very scenic mountains on easy toll road. However, you are only a few miles from Alpine lodges, birding, waterfalls & scenery used in many Hollywood movies for the 'Wild West'. This is what most people miss by zipping through from Durango-Mazatlán Waterfalls, Wood Crafts, Birding, Sky-watching There are exits for three of the towns on the old road if you want to see the scenic spots. There are waterfalls, birding, butterfly watching, hiking, mountain villages and trekking. If you miss seeing these spots, you miss a lot. 47.0 miles from Villa Union (75.7 KM) - Cascada El Salto is noted for an accessible 300 foot drop waterfall and birding.

The Cascada Salto del Agua Llovida drops into a stark rocky pool with aquamarine water (except in the muddy rainy season - summer). There are several others, most accessible is Cascada Mexiquillo in the ecological park by the same name. This one is “only” 60 feet high, and like many middle-aged people is portly - wider than tall. Macaws and other colorful birds add to the landscape. The air is so clear of light-pollution and thin, sky-watching is a great pastime. There is also a zipline. Quebrada de Piaxtla is close to a small town called Miravalles. There are two waterfalls, one has a 70 meter drop and the other drops 120 meters. Both require a good hike. This waterfall plays hide and seek, coming out of different places in the gorge by the same name. After between 6 and 7 miles, it makes its final spectacular drop.