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Trip-planning Complete - "Mexico" Mike Maps & Trip Planning
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Trip-planning Complete

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Do you want to take that trip of a lifetime? Want to really explore different parts of Mexico? Find it a bit overwhelming? I hear you.

This is not for someone who wants to breeze through Mexico to reach a "destination." This is for those for whom the journey is the destination and the reason. It's for people like me and you.

Mexico has so much to offer, such diversity in cultures and natural attractions that it would be easy to wander for months, hit or miss. I've done that. Heck, that's how I came to know so many off-the-wall places.

What I can do is help you focus on what is truly interesting to you, not just what some guidebook says. I'll consult with you and help you make a fluid plan (people like us don't generally like tight itineraries, but I can do that if you wish). I'll save you days of meandering to help you maximize your time.

You'll get a travel plan, specialized roadlogs (at least 75 pages), maps, hotel suggestions, pet-friendly hotels if you wish, RV parks if you wish and timetables. Sure it is a lot of money. But you're getting 40+ years of experience and seeing only what you want. It is a bargain at twice the price.